Jul192013_0111 small verticalIt’s hard to pick a photographer these days with so many options!

The good news is that there is a photographer for every family at every budget!

Is my style, business model and personality right for you?

I believe that the real JOY Of MOTHERHOOD comes when you LET GO of your expectations of how children “should behave” and you roll with it, CHERISHING the IMPERFECT MOMENTS as much as the PERFECT ones! My simple digital pricing reflects that belief.

Are you looking for the perfect holiday card picture and not interested in much else? Read no more. I’m not the photographer for you.

While I’m known for my beautiful holiday card images, those images are only part of what I create for you.

My goal is for you to have a fun bonding experience with your family, to get lost in the moment and truly enjoy your children. This results in a series of images, most of them NOT for the holiday card but for YOU and your family to treasure in years to come.

Are you ready to be silly, cuddly and have fun with the kids at the session?

Do you want a photographer that will be a little crazy to get natural smiles and cooperation from your kid?

Will you get mad if I ask the kids whose toots stink the most in the family or will you laugh when they point at you to answer?

Do you want your kids to leave the portrait session happy because they had fun, feel good about themselves and got to connect with their parents?

Do you want to RELAX knowing that your photographer’s “got this”! You worked hard to convince the family to come, to get them ready and to get there in one piece!! I want you to try to  enjoy it and not worry about your kids’ behavior or getting the shots. Experience is priceless and I bring to each shoot everything I have learned from the 1700+ other sessions. As one dad said to me after the shoot: “This ain’t your first rodeo, that’s for sure!”. No yelling at your kids to SMILE, it doesn’t work! Trust me please!

Are you ready to hear your husband say “That was actually fun! I’d do that again!” instead of “Ugh, do we have to do family portraits again?”.

Do you want a photographer who always makes sure mom looks her best?

Are you willing to invest in an experienced and trained professional photographer?

Are you looking for someone that understands how to use camera settings, lighting, posing, shooting angles, editing and client interaction to get the most flattering and professional looking images?

Do you want to own all the hi resolution digital images from your session so no moments are left behind?

Do you want custom polished beautiful professional portraits on your wall in addition to the digital files?

If you said YES to most of these questions then I might be the perfect photographer for you!

Take a moment to celebrate your family! Book a Moments by Andrea session for a fun bonding experience and a series of images that tell your family’s story!

Contact me to book your session today! Limited availability!